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IMOS Recognized as a GRA

The Australia Integrated Marine Observing System has been recognized as a GOOS Regional Alliance by the IOC Executive Council.  At their 47th session the IOC Executive Council reviewed the recommendation of the GOOS Steering Committee to recognize the Australian Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS) as a GOOS Regional Alliance (IOC/EC-XLVII/2 Annex 1, Section J). The Executive Council acknowledged the accomplishments of the Australian IMOS, welcomed the intention of IMOS to serve regional needs in addition to national programmes and recognized the IMOS as a GOOS Regional Alliance. 


GOOS Update April 2014

The new GOOS Update is a quarterly review of activities of the GOOS Steering Committee and panels, GOOS Regional Alliance news, examples of how ocean observations are being applied, and job opportunities. 

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Sustained and systematic monitoring of the biological and biogeochemical ocean: defining Essential Ocean Variables

Biogeochemistry and Biology Panels

Lodestone Reef, part of the Great Barrier Reef offshore of Townsville, AustraliaGOOS has the ambition to expand sustained ocean observations to biogeochemical and biological variables in an integrated way. Stepping in this direction, a group of technical experts met in a First Technical Workshop for Biology and Ecosystem and Biogeochemistry Panels (13-16 November 2013, AIMS, Townsville, Australia) to help identify major scientific and societal challenges that require sustained observations of ocean biogeochemistry and biology and ecosystem variables, and to nominate Essential Ocean Variables (EOVs) for further consideration by the community. The biogeochemical EOVs have been published for review, and the biological ones will follow soon after internal review.


Applying the Framework for Ocean Observing: building a strategic mapping of GOOS

The GOOS Steering Committee


GOOS panel chairs, meeting 3-4 March 2014 (IPRC, Honolulu, USA), identified major goals for panel work plans, articulated the management of affiliation to GOOS through GOOS Projects, decided on a push on communications with a focus on the implementers and funders of the observing system, and agreed to develop a 'strategic mapping' of GOOS which captures the output of applying the Framework for Ocean Observing.


EuroGOOS Web Update
EuroGOOS is pleased to announce the release of a new website, designed with a fresh new look and user-friendly navigation: Log on to find out news from the community and to keep updated on recent activity.